If you happened to be in Fairfield County yesterday afternoon, you may have been wondering why four jet fighters were flying around for awhile. It's not too often you see four F-15 Strike Eagle fighter jets buzzing overhead in formation in our area.

No it wasn't an air strike, and no there was no threat or enemy attack. So just what were these jets doing? Darien Police set the record straight by posting this message for local residence on their Facebook page:

For The next 30 minutes, four F-15 fighter jets will be circling the area practicing for a “planned fly over” at Arthur Ashe Stadium for the US open finals this afternoon.

People throughout that area of the state had no idea this exercise was going on and posted comments on the Darien Police Facebook page with comments like:

  • "They're really loud"
  • "Flying Low, thought they were going to crash into my house"
  • "Dogs are freaking out"
  • “We had an awesome view from the backyard. Goose bumps. The coolest.”

The jets do in fact have a Connecticut connection. All the planes engines were manufactured within the state at Pratt and Whitney, plus they can get up to a top speed of 1,875 mph. Keep in mind, they didn't fly at the top speeds over Fairfield County, but they certainly did create an impact among with local residents.

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