Why has Connecticut become so unappealing that more people are moving out than moving in?

According to a new National Movers Studywhich tracks customer's state-to-state moving patterns, Connecticut had a 57% move-out rate behind Illinois, New Jersey, and New York. Why are people waving goodbye to Connecticut?

According to the study, 40% of the respondents and the number one reason for leaving Connecticut was job-related. Family and retirement came in second at 24% and lifestyle changes came in a distant third. The largest age group moving out of the state was 55-64.

According to an article on the website theatlantic.com., from July of last year, the reasons for people quitting Connecticut seem never-ending. The state is in the middle of a fiscal nightmare, it's budget is $2 billion in the red and Connecticut Republicans and Democrats are blaming each other.

Connecticut residents are also jumping ship because some major corporations are leaving Connecticut like Aetna, the insurance giant that was founded in the state 150 years ago. General Electric has also packed up and moved out. Many Connecticut residents are sick and tired of paying some of the highest state and property taxes in the country.

Mindy and I choose to stay in Connecticut because of three reasons: my job, we love the state, and our grandkids live close by. Are you thinking of relocating? Tell me where and why you're moving.

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