More arrests allegedly happen at this specific Wappingers Falls business location than at any other place in town.

If you spend any time scrolling on Facebook or any other social media platforms the odds say that at one time or another, you'll come across a Hudson Valley police department's page that has posted a picture or story about something they are announcing or something they are looking for help with.

Often, departments will post information about some of their recent arrests or, like in this case, they will post information and pictures of people they are looking to locate because the person didn't show up at court when they were supposed to.

Warrant Wednesday in Wappingers Falls

Some departments, like the folks at the Wappingers Falls Police Department, call these posts "Warrant Wednesday" and every week they share photos and information of people that have recently been arrested for a crime but haven't answered for their charges.

Wappingers Falls Police Department/Facebook
Wappingers Falls Police Department/Facebook

Wanted in Wappingers Falls, NY

Pictures like the one above often provide not only what the person looks like but also provides details about what the person was charged with. I know I'm not alone but every time I see a post like this I always look to see if I might know any of the people they are looking for.

Thankfully I haven't seen any friends recently but one thing I noticed while scrolling through the most recent Village of Wappingers Falls PD post was that more people get caught and arrested stealing merchandise from Home Depot than any other place in the area.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Home Depot Arrests in Wappingers Falls

When I noticed that Home Depot arrests seemed to be common on these posts I started to make a mental note of how many people each week got caught stealing merchandise at the store located at 1570 US-9, Wappingers Falls, NY. My numbers are nowhere near exact but over the last few months or so, at least 10 people are wanted in Wappingers Falls because they haven't answered for the alleged crimes.

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Has anyone else noticed that Home Depot seems to be the store that more people try to steal from than any other? You would think with the number of people that get caught at the store thieves wouldn't even try anymore but that doesn't seem like that's the case.

I reached out to Home Depot to ask about the number of arrests and was told that they are extremely proud of the store's loss prevention staff as well as all store employees.

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