Do you remember those summer nights when dark skies lit up with fireflies? Have you noticed that there don't seem to be as many as there used to be? feels that there are several reasons that lightning bugs are diminishing.

When a firefly wants to get romantic, they send out signals to each other. Flood lights confuse the sparkling bugs and they can't get their message to potential mates. Plus, most colonies are found in wet areas like marshs and woods. When land is developed and rotting logs are removed, fireflies have no where to lay their eggs. More humans in an area = less fireflies.

What can you do to light up the skies with fireflies? With a little luck and the following tips from, you just might see more in your backyard:

  • Make sure your outside lights are off at night
  • Plant trees and leave leave logs in your yard to rot (sounds gross but fireflies love that rotting stuff)
  • Add a pond to your property
  • Avoid lawn chemicals
  • Plant pine trees
  • Only use natural fertilizers
  • Calm down with the lawn mower
  • Don't add earthworms to your yard

Fireflies? Lightning bugs? We asked you on our Facebook page what you thought was the proper way to address them. Take a look:


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