The owner of Quirk Works Brewing in Danbury, Rick Cipriani, just informed me that Quirk Works Brewing will be starting up a bi-weekly scavenger hunt game, and I was immediately intrigued! This is a complete throwback to the old-school games before technology and the internet.

When speaking to Rick, my first question was, what kind of “hunts” " do you have in mind?   Rick started sharing his quirky ideas with me, and I gotta say, this is something Danbury and the surrounding communities can have fun with. In the old days, we would go out with a Polaroid camera and could only take silly pictures of the task.

Rick assured me that with today's technology, the tasks will include not only pictures but GPS and QSR challenges, local history trivia knowledge, and mini video, along with TikTok challenges. He then showed me this incredible app on his phone that will track each team's progress against other teams...harder tasks will be assigned more points.

The scavenger hunts will kick off on Saturday, September 2nd, September 16th, and 30th. For all the details and to pre-register, check out their website at If you're ready to take on a fun but challenging scavenger hunt, check out some of the quirky tasks you might have to do as a team.

Danbury's Quirk Works Brewing Scavenger Hunt Items...

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