The 436-acre Donald J. Trump State Park in Yorktown, NY is run down, out of sight, and lately, out of mind. You won’t find the usual hiking paths or picnic areas here, and this park is in complete disarray, according to Yahoo News.

In the late 1990s, Donald Trump purchased this land north of New York City for $2,000,000 in hopes of opening a private golf club. As he couldn’t get the project approved, the land was left undeveloped, and Donald then gifted it to the state, proclaiming to the press that it was worth $100,000,000.

All these years later, the state has done very little to care for the property. In fact, budget cuts in 2010 completely cut maintenance funds, even though its annual operation costs were only $2,500.

Vladimir Badikov Youtube Channel
Vladimir Badikov Youtube Channel--Donald Trump State Park

Yahoo News quotes the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation as saying it's open and serves "as a passive park offering hiking, bird-watching and similar outdoor recreational activities.”

The property is now overgrown and not maintained as a result of the state budget cuts. Funding should become available for this park once again. This land, which sets in both Westchester and Putnam Counties, could be a gem for residents and properly maintained for use.

Here's a great video that shows exactly what type of state the park is in:

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