Here's what you can expect.

Let's start with some good news, you made it through a pandemic with your job intact. Congratulations!!! Now the not-so-great news, if you've been working from home for the last year or so, your job may be asking you to return to work sooner than later.

I consider myself lucky because I just about made it through the COVID pandemic without having it interrupt my work schedule. I was lucky enough to go into work just about every day throughout the last year. I know that might sound weird to some, but I can't imagine having to do my radio show from home every day, so I'm glad that I didn't have to.

What does work look like for you over the next few weeks? Are you heading back into the office? Toni called us today and told us that she was feeling "anxious" today because it's the first time in 14 months she's heading back into the office. She works for the State of New York and told us that heading back in has her thinking more and more about retiring...LOL.

I know a lot of people have enjoyed the freedom of being able to work from home but now with us coming out of the pandemic getting back to work is going to have some challenges. The obvious is having to get up, showered, dressed and out the door in time to make it in on time.

According to News 10, many businesses in New York State are offering returning workers a hybrid schedule, having their employees come into the office only for part of the time and allowing them to still work from home some of the time. One CEO, Rob Simpson told News 10 that, "I know many employers have found that their productivity has increased as employees have worked from home. Others have told me that they feel like their workforce has not been as productive and they feel like they need to have people back in the office to collaborate."

I guess it does really come down to what it is you do for a living. If you are heading back in for the first time in a while and haven't had to drive into the office in a while, pardon me while I give myself a shameless self-promotion plug!!! Make sure you listen to our radio show, Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess every morning on 105.5/97.7/97.3 The Wolf, so I can keep my job....LOL!

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