Wait 'til you hear what that white powder was.

RegisterCitizen.com is reporting that yesterday afternoon (October 23) a bag of white powder was found at Torrington High School. Classes were going on and students were "held in place" when the small bag was discovered and contained.

Torrington Police, Fire and the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection responded to Torrington High where the substance was tested. The 0.3 ounces or white powder turned out to be corn starch.

Torrington Fire Department Deputy Chief Peter Towney said that this was an isolated event but refused to comment when asked if a student was involved for the incident.

This makes me wonder whether:

  1. a student tried to get out of classes
  2. someone tried to scare the entire town of Torrington
  3. there's a pie somewhere that's just a little too watery

While yes,#3 is a poor attempt to make this story a little lighter, if it was done for #1 or #2, does the person involved realize just how horrible an act like this really is? I don't think that there is one person who is not a little freaked out when they hear of another incident at a school. I could go on and on listing why this is a really bad idea but just the fact that the emergency personnel who respond are taken from their posts and possibly away from a situation where they are truly needed is bad enough.

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