Bradley International Airport in Windsor Locks, Connecticut was just named the #2 airport in all of the United States for 2022 by Conde Nast. If they polled Danbury residents, do you think Westchester or Stewart would have shown up higher on their list?

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Being from Waterbury, Bradley was always my preferred choice compared to the crush of flying out of JFK, Newark, or LaGuardia. Then I discovered Westchester airport and Stewart in Newburgh, I love Jet Blue. The direct flights and low cost of flying out of the NYC airports still make me look if I'm considering travel, but I prefer to not drive through NYC if possible.

From the greater Danbury area, the commercial flight choices have become even tougher now that Tweed in New Haven has increased their everyday commercial flight roster. I find that most of my Danbury friends still prefer flying out of the NY airports. Why? Is the 84 East to 91 North drive it takes to get to Bradley still too brutal when compared to the 84 to 684 drive it takes to get to Stewart/Westchester Airports?


I believe that amenities are a factor too, the pre-flight food and beverage options are sparse at Westchester, Stewart is a bit better, but Bradley and the NYC airports all offer multiple options at every step of your journey after checking in and dropping off your luggage.

We'll see if this #2 ranking in the US for Bradley Airport turns a few Western Connecticut air traveler's heads. Good for us though Connecticut, we almost beat out Savannah, Georgia for the top spot among Conde Nast readers.

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