Have you ever downed a slice or ordered a pie from Mystic Pizza? I want to go on record saying I have never sampled a slice. So, I decided to hit up two websites, Google Maps and CT Reddit, for customer reviews. The average score was 4 out of 5, which is not too shabby. I then did a deep dive to find the one-star reviews, and they weren't pretty. The first three reviews are from Google Maps.com.

Jon N. writes, "What a disappointment! The best way to describe the pizza is what I used to eat in my school cafeteria, except the school pizza was better!

Mike H. "Cool famous place to eat. But by far the worst pizza ive ever had. Taste like gas station premade pizza."

TK: "With a little help Mystic Pizza could be just as good as Dominos."

How does Dave Portnoy from Barstool Sports feel about Mystic Pizza?

The following three reviews are from Connecticut Reddit.

Bortis L: "The pizza place opened after the movie came out, to cash in on the name. The movie was filmed over in Stonington Boro, in a building that was never a pizzeria (it's a science and sailing center now). So your point, it's a bad one."

Atheism: "Hell yeah. That semi-burnt cheese is a lunch lady signature dish."
Negal "None. Their only gig is the movie. Any review is based on the reviewers taste. Be it, sauce, cheese, thick crust, thin crust, fresh ingredients etc."
In all fairness to Mystic Pizza, they were also rewarded with three, four, and five-star reviews as well. Some patrons thought it was New England Greek-style pizza, which is explained on the website seriouseats.com.
If a friend of yours was taking a day trip to Mystic, Connecticut, would you recommend they stop for lunch at Mystic Pizza or would you tell them to avoid it at all costs?


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