Recently, I called a local town boring on the Ethan and Lou Show. I got this message in response

Facebook Direct Message
Facebook Direct Message

That's fun and a regular day for someone who talks the way I do. Now that you see what they wrote (Babe Ruths's second wife grow up here) you may be able to figure out which town I was talking about with a quick Google search.

It does beg the question, which one of the towns in the Greater Danbury area is the most interesting? Let's use history and modern day activities as factors, mix them in a bowl and come up with a consensus, we'll start with history.

What is the Most Interesting Town in the Greater Danbury Area?

There's some of the history and for the modern day stuff, look around you. We all live here and we know what is what. Some of these towns/cities make the news, some don't and some make the news for all the wrong reasons.

Danbury has had its John Oliver beef and the return of the Uncle Sam statue, New Milford was featured prominently in the the movie Mr. Deeds, all the towns are beautiful and historic, but which is most interesting?

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