Well, hey, the weather people got it wrong. When I looked out of my window this morning I thought to myself, "Wait! What? Is that snow?" Yup, it's snow. On the ground. Also in the air.

Uhhhh...was that supposed to happen?

Not really. Well, I guess it actually is supposed to happen because we live in New England and it is winter so, yeah, it is supposed to snow. But what went wrong with the forecast?

I started to google that and I began to read the different excuses about predicting weather. Dry air here, this weather model there, dopplers, the super moon, global warming. Whatever. There's snow on the ground and my car is covered.

We have all said that the weatherman is the one guy who can get his job wrong on a consistent basis and still be employed and yet we remain fascinated and can't wait to hear what they have to say. Think about that for a minute. The weather dudes and dudettes are pretty powerful beings.

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