We’ve been taught about them since the 1st Grade, but how much do people in our area really know about our Country’s Leaders?

With Presidents Day here and especially after what we've all been through in the past year during the 2016 Presidential election, I figured I would see how much people really know about the men who have held the highest office in the land.

When I wonder about something like this, I don’t just try and figure things out myself, I do the next best thing, so we took our Mr. Morning Around the Town cameras out before President's Day last year, and asked people some Presidential questions. The results were so hilarious that I thought it would be fun to share it with you again.

From George to Abe, T.R. to Ike, JFK to Trump, we celebrate them all. So if you watched the video, and if you had any trouble answering some of the questions, go ahead and google it and learn all you can about the men who shaped our country over the last 200 plus years. They are part of our History, and part of who were are. So Happy Presidents Day, and enjoy your Holiday.

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