With all the change that's sweeping across the country, the students at Western Connecticut State University want to see the University change their longtime mascot.

If you attend, or are a WestConn alumni, then we're sure your familiar with their longtime mascot, Colonial Chuck. He's been cheering on the student body since 1974, when he replaced the former mascot, the WestConn Indian.

Now many students, and some University alumni, would like to see the Colonial mascot replaced. The main reason for the change would be the Colonial being historically a representative of ethnic violence, genocide and racism.

Now the school finds itself in the middle of a heated controversy with students and alumni divided on both sides of the issue.

Last week school President Dr. John B. Clark issued this Instagram statement on where the administration stands on the issue.

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We hear you.

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We asked our local listeners if they thought that WestConn should get rid of "Colonial Chuck', and here's some of what they had to say:

  • This is out of hand. The longer these establishments pander to these spoiled brat millennial's, the more they’re going to pull nonsense like this. Stop giving in. It only validates the lunacy. As always, the silent majority gives in and the loonies make the rules.
  • If they want to change, how about the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland.
  • NO!! Must be nice to live in a world where this is your biggest problem though.
  • For the love of Pete, people need to STOP!!!!
  • No, it should stay the same just as all history has stayed the same. changing names and taking down monuments does NOT change history.
  • Absolutely NOT
  • No way. In my family, the WCSU Colonial is a tradition. Things are being blown so far out of proportion
  • No, leave it alone, enough already, stop backing down
  • Every last person in the comments is white and I had to stop scrolling after reading one too many “this is getting ridiculous” comments... did y’all actually consider the question or just automatically throw up your hands and start whining about how too much is changing?? Personally, I think the colonial mascot/image is not much too be proud of and never was. The colonial is rooted in stealing land, massacring people, greed, and a bunch of violence. However, I don’t think WCSU should change it because people pressured them to. If they wanted to voluntarily change it because they didn’t want that to be their sign anymore I would respect that decision but changing it just because everyone told you to isn’t real change it’s just a decision on whether they want to give in or not.
  • What in the world is wrong with a colonial?
  • OH COME ON!!!
  • Ok then what is a Rebel? NFHS Rebels. Curious to see what folks think that is about.
  • Sure, change it to the crying snowflakes.
  • Thank you for helping erase the past.
  • Enough is enough. What would you have us do? Erase the entire history of the world?
    If parts of history offend you then learn from it and don't let it repeat itself. That's what America's about.
  • How on earth is this character offensive? Please explain it to me.
  • As a former student they should keep the colonial. It represents history. Everyone is being to PC these days.
  • There is already a poll for changing the mascot. Some of the choices were wolverines, werewolf’s and whale sharks
  • No way. In my family being a WCSU Colonial is a tradition. Things are being blown so far out of proportion
  • No. This has gotten so ridiculous. Will people demand to change the name of New York next. Seeing it was named after James II duke of York who was a main shareholder of a company that established London’s monopoly of the English slave trade. 

Right now it looks like the name change may be inevitably, so soon we may be saying goodbye to Chuck, and hello to __________. (you can fill in the blank).

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