It's probably been a while since you've been at your gym or eating inside at your favorite restaurant, so we better take a look at some of the new rules you'll have to follow.

As we get set to put phase 2 of the re-opening into effect here in Connecticut, this might be a good time to see all the changes that will be in place, as well as what you're going to need to know once you head back to your favorite restaurant or gym.

As we previously reported, a very thorough set of guidelines came out last week, detailing the so called "new look" or "new normal."

As far as heading to one of your favorite restaurants and eating inside, here are some of the new rules and what you can expect to see:

  • Don't expect to see any buffet or self serving stations, they will be closed.
  • You'll notice tables spaced six feet apart, and where that isn't possible, like at diners, then you'll notice plexiglass barriers set up between booths.
  • Menus must either be sterilized after each use or be disposable. Restaurant menu boards can also be utilized as menus.
  • Customers will be required to wear a mask, except when eating.
  • All employees, including waiters and waitresses will also be required to wear a mask at all times.

According to, Scott Dolch, who's the Executive Director of the Connecticut Restaurant Association, put it all in perspective:

We appreciate that we had a seat at the table to help put these guidelines together. Only about a quarter of some 8,500 eateries in the state have been able to re-open with indoor dining. We hope the new guidelines will help rebuild consumer confidence and get restaurants back on the patch to recovery.

If you can't wait to get back to the gym so you can start to shed the quarantine 15, here are some of the new rules going into effect this coming Wednesday, June 17. These rules also apply to all sports facilities, pools, indoor recreation like bowling alleys, and movie theaters:

  • Facilities can only operate at 50% capacity.
  • Certain lockers will be disabled to allow social distancing.
  • Gym users and staff should wear a mask.
  • All equipment must be six feet apart, or twelve feet apart if patrons are not required to wear a mask.

Since Wednesday (June 17) is the date that these businesses can open, doesn't mean it's mandatory. Here's the official word from Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont:

The decision to reopen during this next phase is up the the individual business owner. They are not required to open if they do not choose to, however, if they do, they must follow the rules as set forth by the state.

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