You knew it was only going to be a matter of time before you would legally be required to wear a mask, and a Westchester town becomes the first in New York to pass that law.

If you travel to New Castle, or wander through the town of Chappaqua, you better be wearing a mask, because it's now the law.

A High School graduation that took place at the Chappaqua train station, and the parties that followed, caused a COVID-19 spike in that town where two dozen people tested positive for the virus, and hundreds had to quarantined, forcing the town to pass a law that requires everyone to wear a mask.

According to, Tuesday night, the New Castle Town Board unanimously passed a law that now requires residents to wear a mask when they can't social distance. The only exceptions would be children under two, and people with medical conditions.

The new law now gives police the ability to enforce the use of not wearing a mask. Those not complying will be subject to a first time fine of $250, and if it's your second offence, it will cost you $500. Don't get too comfortable without your mask on, the law will be enforced on both public and private properties, including your place of business.

The reason for the mask law is two-fold, police were getting too many complaints of people not complying with wearing a mask or social distancing, along with Governor Cuomo's executive order that requires New Yorkers to wear a mask when out in public.

Town officials are contending that this new law is not a sign of the government going too far, but rather a way to get residents to comply with the guidelines to help control the spread of the virus.

So, just make sure you have your mask with you, and make sure are wearing it. The new law officially goes into effect this week.

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