Westchester County’s legislature is working on a new proposal, which would prohibit the use of plastic shopping bags given with customer purchases at stores within the county.

According to LoHud, along with the ban, paper bags would be available for a minimum of ten cents a piece to both consumers or vendors. Styrofoam and plastic containers would be banned from use with takeout items at restaurants. All this is in an effort to curb pollution.

This proposal will be discussed tonight in committee sponsored by a county Democratic legislator.

There already are towns and villages in Westchester County that currently have a restriction on the plastic bags. A couple of those locales are Rye and Hastings-on-Hudson. This isn’t the first time the county considered this legislation. Westchester lawmakers had previously considered a variety of means to curb pollution, and tonight's meeting will determine if this attempt gets closer to becoming a law.

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