Were you caught in this morning’s tie up Eastbound just before Southeast?

It was at about 5:30 in the morning as I was making my daily trek from New York’s Hudson Valley. At that hour, it’s very unusual to get stuck in a back up, but we were at a standstill as lanes merged to pass the accident.

It appeared to involve two tractor-trailer semis. The reason I say that is because of the damage that you can see way high up on the most damaged vehicle I got a snap of and posted here. There were two tractor-trailer vehicles pulled off to the shoulder being examined by police and fire fighters.

Credit: KICKS 1055 Image
Credit: KICKS 1055 Image

I was set back by about ten minutes waiting it out to get through the merge point, but somehow as the morning moved on, the back up didn’t improve, maybe because of the merging lanes ahead in addition to the crash. Every morning Kelly Quinn keeps us updated as far as everything you'll encounter on your way to work so just keep listening and we'll keep you posted!

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