We talk about it all year long and then the day finally arrives and BAM here we are!
Taste of Country Music Festival 2018, Hunter Mountain, New York.

So much goes into what leads up to this three day event, I'm sure you can imagine, but wow, you really can't imagine. The information starts coming in from even before the end of the current festival and little by little the festival is shaped and then, here we are, on the mountain.

In the "Media Loft" at the Hunter Mountain Resort in New York's Catskill Mountains, we get the schedule for the day for artist interviews and stage announcements. Then, the moment arrives and that artist that we play every day on the air appears at the top of the stairs. They sit down, and we talk and the most wonderful thing that I have found about country artists is that when we talk, it's like we're old friends.

Florida Georgia Line on Hunter Mountain:

Kane Brown at the Taste of Country Music Festival:

Dustin Lynch at the Taste of Country Music Festival:

Devin Dawson at the Taste of Country Music Festival

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