Electronic Relics Recall Radio Shack's Heyday
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The Internal Revenue Service just put out a warning to employers regarding a new W2 email phishing scam which has been targeting school districts, non profit organizations and others according to Forbes. Here's what usually happens. The scammers send a bogus email posing as a member of the company asking for info regarding workers W2 forms. They ask for personal data. This is called a "BEC" or business email compromise.

Before you know it, lots of personal information is leaked. A large restaurant chain in Indiana had it happen. A scam artist posing as Scott Wise, calling himself the founder of Scotty's Brewhouse, convinced the company to release confidential information belonging to some 4,000 employees.

Be on the lookout for any e-mail that doesn't look quite right, and if you get one of these,  Forbes says forward it to phishing@irs.gov with “W2 Scam” in the subject line. If you're an employer and you've received one of these e-mails let state tax agencies know at StateAlert@taxadmin.org.

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