The Watertown and Naugatuck Police Departments have both issued advisories on their social media pages warning residents that there have been 'several incidents in the area involving marijuana purchased illegally that was laced with Fentanyl.'

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The Watertown PD advisory goes on to say that there has been one reported fatal overdose in the area as a result of Fentanyl-laced marijuana. Then the statement goes into the gray area of purchasing what is now a legal product, with no true legal establishment to supply it. According to the advisory from Watertown Police Department,

" We want to remind our residents that marijuana is legal for recreational use however, it is important to purchase it from a legal business. The illegal purchase of legal drugs is not only illegal, it poses inherent risks. There is one case in the area of a fatal overdose as a result of Fentanyl-laced marijuana. If after using illegally purchased marijuana you experience adverse side-effects please seek medical attention."


The closest legal recreational marijuana dispensary to both Watertown and Naugatuck is The Pass in Sheffield, Massachusetts, which is around an hour North of both towns up Rt. 63 to Rt. 7. You have to cross state lines to legally purchase recreational marijuana for personal, adult use at the moment, with recreational marijuana facilities still months, if not a year away here in CT. If you have a Connecticut medical marijuana card, Caring Nature Dispensary is the closest for Watertown and Naugatuck, it's located on E. Aurora Street in Waterbury.

Watertown is also home to the state's first medical marijuana producer, Theraplant, which started producing marijuana in September of 2014 at their facility on Echo Lake Road.

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