Our traffic reporter Kelly Quinn’s job just got a little easier, and so did the commute from Waterbury westbound.

A brand new lane just opened on I-84, according to the Republican American. This brand new lane means the heavily trafficked highway will host “three continuous lanes from the Mixmaster east through Hartford.

The Department of Transportation (DOT) says that the entire project will be finished in a little less than a year from now, which is ahead of schedule, and is also coming in on budget. Meantime, this extra lane will ease a lot of congestion for commuters.

This project makes the highway wider in both directions for about three miles, and In total this project will cost $330 million. Work will continue especially at night with lane closures for work like milling, paving and more. The speed limit will continue to be 45 miles per hour there. Hopefully this is a trend that will continue into Danbury, because we can really use some extra lanes on I-84.

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