To Brookfield residents, the term, "When it rains, it pours," carries a whole new meaning now. The last thing that they needed was a water main break but that is exactly what happened over the Memorial Day weekend.

Brookfield Volunteer Fire Department Candlewood Company reported on their Facebook page yesterday that there was a water main break in the Candlewood Shores Community. Firefighters were dispatched and were able to shut off the main water supply in order to find exactly where the leak was coming from. Residents lost water pressure for a few hours while break was being located and repaired but thankfully, reports that break is now fixed and water has been restored.

It was just two weeks ago when a macroburst hit the town and caused extensive damage and major power outages. It has certainly been a rough month for Brookfield and the surrounding areas. Let's hope that June brings a lot of warm, sunny and drama-free days.

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