What happens when a DJ is left alone in the radio station during a blizzard? Well, there's lots of news, weather, writing. I mean, it's all work, work, work.

OK, maybe not. We've got our meteorologist, Bill Jacquemin taking care of the forecast. We've got Kellie Quinn covering the roads for us. The rest of the stuff we need, the internet pretty much takes care of sooooo, what to do, what to do?

I luckily had some bubbles handy. Why do I have bubbles? I have a lot of stuff here for research purposes. I have actually been trying to get a video of a bubble freezing in the snow all winter long. It hasn't worked out so well for me so I figured that I would try that again today because, well. there's a blizzard happening.

It didn't work out so well today either BUT I have done something that I never knew that I could do. I taught a blizzard how to blow bubbles. Check it out:

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