One of the first places people all over Greater Danbury will be heading to in the next few weeks will probably be their hair salon. Things will look different, it may even take you a little longer to get your appointment as we get ready for the new normal.

It's been a long two months, and your hair is probably pretty long too, so you know we'll be seeking the expertise of our favorite hair stylist. That leads us to the next question, 'Who is Greater Danbury's Favorite Stylist'?

They are the unsung heroes in our lives. Once we find a hair stylist who we like, we are extremely loyal. After all, you wouldn't trust just anyone to handle your luscious locks, would you? Well, Now it's your chance to vote (poll at the bottom) for your favorite hair stylist in the Greater Danbury Area.

There are so many hair stylists in the area that are deserving of the Best Hair Stylist Award, but alas, there can only be one who holds the crown. We asked you recently on our KICKS 105.5 Facebook page to nominate your favorite hair stylist and we got hundreds of names. So what we did is go through them all, and we came up with the most mentioned stylists in the area.

Now, we're leaving it up to you to cast your vote for your favorite hair stylist. So think about the hair stylist that makes your hair look the best, and one who you can simply talk to about anything while you're in their chair.

Not only will the stylist who gets the most votes earn the on-air recognition, but you will also have the honor of being the "Best Hair Stylist In Greater Danbury" bestowed upon you.

So vote now, and tell your friends to vote, because we're sure you want to get your next haircut from the "Best Hair Stylist In Greater Danbury".

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