Each week in Connecticut, we hear about another brazen car robbery. This has become a phenomenon that authorities have warned us about. Young thieves are taking cars that don't belong to them and doing it with ease.

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Someone else noticed the trend and set out to get answers; his name is Andrew, a journalist from Seattle. Andrew says he's been following an online trend where criminals have been stealing cars using nothing but flathead screwdrivers and USB cords.

Andrew embedded himself with the Connecticut "Kia Boyz" to get answers and released his findings in a video titled "Connecticut Kia Boyz (Trailer)." The video was published to Youtube on April 6, 2024, on a page called Channel 5 Clips.

WARNING: Video contains profanity and unmitigated stupidity.

There are so many memories I will take from this video, but one of my favorite moments is when the journalist asked one of the Kia Boyz, "If you were to raise kids right now, what is the main thing you'd tell them as far as steps for success in life?"

Kia Boy 1: "Go get you any flathead, any USB cord and go get you any car you want."

Kia Boy 2: "You in CT, BPT, you know how we do it over here big 203 s---."

Ah yes, just reading those inspirational words made me envision true success. Now I feel like I'm equipped to capture my portion of the American dream. I already have a USB cord and "any flathead"; now I just need to decode the rest of the cipher, and all my dreams can come true. Children all over the world can now embrace this wordily advice and rise to true prominence.

The second interview was also loaded with top-notch wisdom from "YK-Swervo," "Thumb Life Stench" (I think), and the Kia Boy known simply as "I'm CT Kia Boyz." Here are some of the highlights from that Mensa meeting:

  • "No other Kia Boyz competing with us, nah sayin'?"
  • "Sh----!"

Thoughts and prayers all the way around, we need them right now.

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