Earlier this week I was driving home on Route 44/55 (arterial) in Poughkeepsie and as I was driving I saw a sign that made me turn around to get a second look because I wasn't sure what or why I saw what I did...LOL!

I can't be the only driver in the Hudson Valley who while driving sometimes I'll see something and as I drive past it I'm not sure if I saw what my eyes are telling me. Have you ever had one of those moments?

Here's What Happened

I was driving east on the arterial in the far right lane and as I crossed through the intersection of South Clinton Street and 44/55 I saw a small sign propped up in front of a vacant lot that had a strange message. At least I thought it said something strange, so instead of guessing I swung around to get a better look (which if you have ever tried on the arterial is no easy task...LOL) and my eyes were right!

Chuck Merrihew
Chuck Merrihew

$6,666 Reward?

The sign pictured above is offering a "satan" themed reward but why? I had completely forgotten that the sign was in front of the area where the "Halloween House" once stood. We shared numerous stories over the last 2+ years about the house that once stood on South Clinton Street and was owned by a follower of the Church of Satan. Many claimed that before the house was destroyed by fire in January 2021 the owner of the home Joe Netherworld turned the inside of the house into a museum of sorts, full of oddities and thousands of Halloween-type of decorations.

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Church of Satan Reward

The Church of Satan shared a social media message after the fire saying they would not rest until the person or person responsible for the alleged arson of the home was found and arrested. As of today, authorities haven't arrested anyone in connection to the fire but many are hoping that now that the sign is back up in front of where the home once stood someone might see it and have information that could lead to an arrest and a $6,666 reward.

If you have any information please either call 845-451-7577 or the number on the sign 332-232-1373.

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