Will this year's Ulster County run contest take over the nation again?

Last year, the Ulster County Board Of Elections held its second annual I Voted Sticker contest. Most voters know that when you head to the polls during election season you receive a sticker to acknowledge that you successfully fulfilled your civic duty.

Most of the time the stickers are pretty run-of-the-mill red, white, and blue stickers that say, wait for it, "I Voted." Ulster County wanted to jazz things up a bit and gave local students an opportunity to show off their artistic skills.

In 2022, 14-year-old Hudson Rowen threw his drawing in the game and then quickly won over the national. His drawing of a robotic, 6-legged, creature with human-like features and I Voted scrawled across in bright colors gained traction thanks to social media sights like Reddit. NPR shared in a July 2022 article that Ulster County is home to 180,000 residents, and 125,000 registered voters.

NPR/Ulster County Board of Elections/ Hudson Rowen
NPR/Ulster County Board of Elections/ Hudson Rowen


Rowen's sticker received over 225,000 votes and was the clear winner in the 2022 Ulster County I Voted Sticker contest. The sticker made so much of a splash, it was being sold on eBay for hundreds of dollars.

Now it's time for a new sticker champion...

The Ulster County Board of Elections announced in early July that the I Voted Sticker Contest is in full swing for 2023.

On their website, they write:

"Vote for your favorite sticker! The winning design will be distributed during the 2023 November Elections. Contest voting ends September 1, 2023."

From now until September 1st, 2023 you can vote on the following stickers:

Ulster County Board of Elections
Ulster County Board of Elections

Could 2023 be the year of the I Voted Pokemon ball? Stranger things have most definitely happened...

Vote now at the Ulster County Board of Elections website.

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