After a week of drama between residents in one Ulster County town, it is awesome to see news like this.

Last week we told you about how the 4th of July holiday in Saugerties ended with lots of residents upset with the timing of the fireworks display. The upset vibes turned into amazing vibes on Sunday as a record crowd showed up at the Sawyer Motors Car Show.

The Sawyer Motors Car Show

The yearly car show takes over parts of Saugerties, including parts of Main and Partition Streets to not only give car lovers the chance to walk around and look at some amazing cars and trucks, but the car show also gives organizers the opportunity to raise money for people in the area that are in need.

Raise Money is What They Did

If I remember correctly in years past the Sawyer Motors Car Show normally raised around $50,000 each year, a huge amount of money to say the least. According to a post on the Sawyer Motors Facebook page and Sawyer Motors owner Bob Siracusano, they almost doubled that, "because of you, we were able to give away more than $100,000 to our local nonprofits and those experiencing hardships". AMAZING!!!


That amount of money is something that couldn't be done by one person only and Siracuanso is well aware saying, "I just want to thank everyone for making this the best car show to date. All our village businesses had a banner day, we saw some amazing cars and met some amazing people."

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Bob also wanted to share a few special thank you messages, "Special gratitude goes out to my staff and volunteers. Without you, we wouldn't be able to pull this off and help so many people. An extra special shout-out to my daughter, Macy, brother, Larry, and my sales manager, Ray Tucker. You guys killed it."

A successful show like this is another perfect example of why Hudson Valley communities are simply the best! Job well done Saugerties! If you went to the car show does anyone know if the Sawyer Ice Cream Stand opened yet?

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