Being able to buy a beer at both of these locations surprised me.

I'll go on the record and say I'm not a huge beer drinker anymore so that might be why a few weekends ago while I was attending an event at a popular sports location in Ulster County, I was surprised to see some of the other guests there walking around with pitchers of beer.

Both of my younger kids play soccer year-round here in the Hudson Valley. In the warmer months, we can be found around fields all over the place, from Warwick to Kingston to East Fishkill and Wappingers Falls we've played at just about all of them.

In the winter months, one of the only places that we spend our soccer weekends is over in Ulster County in Milton at the Hudson Valley Sports Dome. It's the best location around for indoor soccer tournaments and if you have kids that play, the odds say that you've been there a time or two.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Forgive me if this is something that doesn't sound or look weird to you, but back a few weeks ago, we were at the dome for the last indoor tournament of the season, and while I was watching I noticed something that I never noticed before.

Here's What I Saw

It was a few Saturday mornings ago, and as I was sitting there watching, I noticed there was a group of adults standing near the bleachers talking. As I looked closer, I noticed that they were all having a few beers while talking and with me being the noisy type, I walked over and asked the one lady who was holding the pitcher of beer where she got it from. She told me that they sell beer at the concession stand outside of the dome. I had no idea....she responded, "would you like one?" I looked at my phone and it wasn't noon yet, so I passed but did say thank you...LOL.

Google Maps
Google Maps

I had no clue you could buy beer at the dome??? After telling my friend Brian about beer at the dome he told me that it's not that weird at all. "You want weird", he said, he went on to tell me that he's had a few beers at Chuck E. Cheese birthday parties at the location in Poughkeepsie in the past. REALLY? WOW! How did I not know you could grab a beer or two at these places?

Are there any other Hudson Valley places that sell beer that someone like me would have no idea about? Call or text us through the station app.

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