The 800-pound cow may look a bit angry, but wouldn't you be too if you couldn't find your way home?

It seems like over the last few weeks we've had an increase in the number of families that have reported that one of their animals has gone missing from all parts of the Hudson Valley. Last week, we told you about a horse that went missing in Stanfordville, in Dutchess County (the horse, as of today has still not been found), and this week, a family in Ulster County is searching for their lost cow.

Don and Nanci have lived in the West Hurley/Woodstock areas of Ulster County for many years and last Sunday, one of their animal family members went missing. They are hoping that by spreading the word, someone will see her and she can be returned home.

How did Blondie Escape?

Don told us that the 800-pound cow escaped their property on Sunday by knocking down part of the fence on their property near the former Zena Elementary School in West Hurley. The cow, named Blondie, has reportedly been spotted in the area of Stewart's on Route 28, walking down Zena Rd and the area of Sawkill according to numerous Facebook posts.

Facebook/Marie Klementis Shultis
Facebook/Marie Klementis Shultis


Blondie is a female, 18-month-old, hairy, brown highland cow that Don says doesn't NOT respond to her name. He told us that if someone does see her, please don't call her by name because when she hears it she'll start to run in the opposite direction. He also said that she isn't aggressive but just scared and is asking anyone that might see her to not chase her but to report the location of the sighting to them.

Cow Catching Abilities

If anyone reading this has any sort of cow-catching abilities or any ideas of how to bring Blondie home, or to report a sighting, Don is asking you to call him at 845-594-4038 or his wife Nanci at 845-663-6279. Both Don and Nanci have spent all week following the many tips that residents have been calling in with but still haven't been able to bring her home. Her home, according to Don is also home to a few other highland cows, goats, chickens, and dogs. "We just want her home safe," Don said.

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