Linda G. puts her own radio-esque twist on the "Night Before Christmas" with the help of the KICKS 105.5 staff:


'Twas the week before Christmas when all through the town,

Everyone was wondering if snow would come down.

Registers ringing with credit card sales,

Knowing our vow to budget had failed.

The station was filled with presents for kids,

Dropped off by listeners who heeded our on-air bids.

Darkness comes early as winter draws near,

As we ponder the insanity of flying reindeer.

A chill fills the air and I look for a lost glove,

And I realize that there is a lot here to love.

It's true the holidays come with a lot of stress,

But think of others who have so much less.

That thought should bring a humble thought to your heart,

As we all get ready for the festivities to start.

And while you are lost in these holiday thoughts,

I hope you don't feel that it's all for naught.

Look around you and realize those who make your heart soar,

That feeling in your heart is what Christmas is for.

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