I-84 is closed due to a collision between a car and a tractor-trailer.

According to Hudson Valley traffic reporter, Nancy Reamy, Route 84 is closed due to an accident that has resulted in multiple injuries. It's unclear what happened, but the incident involved at least one car and a tractor-trailer. The truck overturned and caugh on fire, closing down a portion of I-84 on Monday morning.

The accident happened on the eastbound side of I-84 between exits 17 and 18. Expect major delays headed East on I-84 towards Connecticut. As of 6am, I-84 was completely shut down with traffic being rerouted.

Rubbernecking on the westbound side of I-84 may have been the cause of another accident. The unrelated incident is now causing backups on the westbound lanes of I-84 in the same location as the overturned truck.

It's unclear how long it will take to clean up the accident and attend to injuries. It's also unknown if an investigation will take place, causing I-84 to be closed for a longer duration of time.

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