One Hudson Valley town is pleading its case to be the next home of a new Trader Joe's store.

If you've lived in the Hudson Valley long enough you are well aware that there are a few businesses that we have begged the store gods to bring to the area for years! Chik-fil-a, White Castle, and Wawa are three of the more common answers given when someone is asked what business do you think the Hudson Valley should bring in, but what about grocery stores?

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Grocery Stores That Should Come to the Hudson Valley

Most towns in the Hudson Valley have residents that would be "over the moon" if Whole Foods, Wegman's, or Trader Joe's would finally decide to bring one of its stores to the area. Trader Joe's is the one store that residents from the Ulster County town of Saugerties, New York are trying to convince to come to town according to a post on the Saugerties Village Facebook page. The post was started by a woman who wrote,

"Would love to get a Trader Joe’s here! I’m a huge fan of their frozen foods:, very reasonably priced pizzas and desserts and so good."

Trader Joes

How to Request a Trader Joe's in My City

The post included a link to the Trader Joe's website, where folks can sign up to request a store in their town. I had no idea we could do something like this but the website says, "Recommend a location where you’d like to see a store. Please provide the City and State in the fields provided. Additional specifics (neighborhood, address, etc.) can be added in the comments field. There are no guarantees, but being wanted matters to us. Thank you for your recommendation." After you fill in all the information you simply hit submit and keep your fingers crossed...LOL!

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Does Saugerties, New York Really Want a Trader Joe's?

The comment sections of posts like this on Facebook groups can be a great place to gather information and feel out if people agree or not. Yes, some residents agreed but a few comments said something that I wasn't aware of, instead of going to Trader Joe's shop at "Aldi's in Kingston. Same company. Different packaging." After reading that I had to look into to see if it was true or not and according to numerous sources it's not true. Both stores do have a lot in common but there are NOT owned by the same company.

Will Ulster or Dutchess County Ever Get a Trader Joe's?

It's a question many have asked for years and one comment left on the Saugerties page had a reasonable explanation as to why the answer might be NO,

"Trader Joe's is great but I've been told right from the source that they will never come to Dutchess County because their analytics compete with Adam's. (I disagree as a shopper of both.. but they have the numbers). I'd assume the same for Ulster County. PS.. I have filled out this form asking for a spot in the Kingston vicinity for over 5 years... I appreciate you filling it out!"

Not sure if that's the reason we haven't gotten a Trader Joe's or not but I do think both stores would thrive in the area.

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