The Torrington Fire Department responded to an ice rescue incident at Burr Mountain Pond on Sunday after 5 ice anglers had fallen through the ice.

In what proved to be a very difficult rescue, the Torrington Fire Department, along with first responders from the Winsted Fire Department, got into their ice rescue suits and were able to rescue 5 people who were ice fishing and another person who tried to rescue the the others, and also got stuck on thin ice.

According to the Torrington Fire Departments Facebook post, all six people were saved by firefighters, two of which were transported to a local hospital by Life star Helicopters, and two by ambulance.

Torrington Fire Department Facebook Image
Torrington Fire Department Facebook Image

Torrington Fire Chief Peter Towey said that this rescue was a difficult one:

This was an extremely difficult rescue that challenged our firefighters. They stepped up to the challenge and did an excellent job! Thank you to everyone that assisted with this incident

Warmer than normal temperatures actually had fire rescue workers busy all over the state yesterday. Two other people were rescued at Mt. Tom State Park when they fell through the ice while ice fishing.

Torrington's Chief Towey also issued this public statement regarding frozen lakes in the state.

The ice is extremely dangerous and must be avoided at this time, everyone is reminded that the ice is thin and unstable due to the warm weather and are advised to remain off it.

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