Every morning, I pass this sign getting off the Super 7 extender, right before pulling into the radio station parking lot in Brookfield, CT.

It's a great daily reminder to take inventory of all the gifts I've been given, but I have no clue who is responsible for it. I'd be grateful to learn who is behind this message.

Years ago, before the Super 7 extender was put in place, anyone who had to commute out of New Milford would pass it on their way to work. Since the "big road" went into place, the traffic on Federal Road in that area sees a lot less cars, but it still gets its fair share of people passing by.

Lou's phone
Lou's phone

It's funny, this sign tells you to be grateful and yet I've kind of taken it for granted for a long time. It wasn't until recently, when my boss from New Jersey asked me about it, that I really put any thought into it. He asked who put it there and why? I didn't have an answer and that made me start to think we need to get to the bottom of this.

Whatever the answer is, I'm glad it's there. I do a lot of thinking about life when I drive. I put thought into my day and what needs to be accomplished, and that leads me to thinking about the bigger picture and what needs to be accomplished in life. Sometimes, that thought process can be overwhelming and remind me of all that's wrong with my life. In a short commute, I can wind myself up, and then I make that right turn off of 7 and I'm greeted with a simple message: "Be Grateful," and it comes just in time for me to pull into work and start my day.

Whoever put the sign there, thank you. I am grateful for it and you.

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