Dr. Rajeev Fernando is one of New York's top infectious disease specialists, and this week, he answers listener questions about Kids in School, what needs to be done for businesses to survive another lockdown, and how many day's after your exposed do you develop symptoms.

When you need to know what's happening with the coronavirus, join KICKS 105.5 every Thursday morning. Dr. Rajeev Fernando answers your COVID-19 questions.

Christine in Brookfield is a mother of three and wants to know what schools can do to keep kids in the classroom instead of going from one form of learning to another?

"That's a great question, unfortunately I think with kids staying in the classroom it poses a higher risk. Depending on the age group of your kids, it's hard for kids to keep their mask's on all day, they don't understand the importance of it. Make sure you call your school and ask them if they have all the appropriate contact precautions, because depending on the age groups, you know kids will be taking off their mask's, and infections among school children has been rising across the country, so the best thing I can say is talk to your school about that".

Carl in Brewster wants to know how we can combat a potential second wave without another lockdown, his business can't handle it economically. He also wants to know if those ultra violet lights really work to eliminate the virus?

"Ultra violet light definitely works. More and more people I know are using it, some ICU's across the country are using it, but you have to talk to the company your getting it from to make sure the ultra violet rays are within certain frequency's, if it's just an ultra violet light it won't be effective and will cause a false sense of security. As far as another possible lockdown goes, I understand your concern as a business, the only thing that can save that situation is a good stimulus package from the government. Some couldn't have survived the first lockdown without the help of the stimulus, but forget making it through the second lockdown without it".

Rena in Danbury wants to know how long after someone is exposed to the virus do symptoms start to appear. Is it 14 days, because that's how long we usually have to quarantine for. 

"In my clinical experience, once you have been exposed to the virus you have what is called a pre-symptomatic phase or an a-symptomatic phase which means you have been exposed to the virus, and that usually happens within the first three days after the exposure. By day five you should start having symptoms, that's the normal course of the virus. By day eleven virtually 98 to 99% of people who have the virus will experience symptoms. They use the 14 day gage just to be on the safe side".

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