There’s a brand new scam to watch for, and the caller may pose as an employee of the FBI.

A blogger for HelloGiggles says they tried to get her with this new scam, and she published a transcript of the call. They actually called several times from the same number, which is why she eventually answered. When the writer searched for the number calling, it somehow showed as a police station. They were familiar with her address, and proceeded to state that she’s under investigation and may even be arrested.

Our local New York and Connecticut Police Departments didn't have any answers other than the fact that they think it’s another example of "spoofing". Spoofing is when you get a call from phone number that appears different from the on screen display.

Keep in mind that “The FBI does not call private citizens threatening arrest or requesting money.” What is worrisome they knew the writers name, and address and how the number shows up as the police. You can read the transcript here.

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