I can't believe I had no idea about this easy hack to make cooking dinner way less messy than ever before.

Sometimes a life changing surprise can happen when you least expect it, and that exactly what happened to me last night while I was over at a "friends" house for dinner last night. Anytime someone invites me over for dinner, I cant say yes quick enough, especially when the person doing the inviting "kills it" in the kitchen!!

So there I sat last night as my "friend" was starting to cook dinner. Before you yell at me for just sitting there, she told me that she was kind of "crazy" in the kitchen and it was best if I just sat and talked with her instead of trying to help so I didn't get hurt...LOL!

As she started to cook away, making pasta and "gravy", she got to the point in cooking where it was time to put the pasta in the pot of boiling water. She put a box of pasta in the big pot and I said to her, I hate cooking pasta because anytime I do it, I always seem to make a mess. You know you've been there, the water starts to boil again and it starts to foam up and go all over the stove.

How to Stop Water From Boiling Over When Making Pasta

She asked me if I wanted to see something that will prevent that from ever happening again? "Of course I do!!!" Once the water started boiling over, she took her wooden spoon and laid it across the top of the pot and BOOM it stopped the bubbles and "foam" from going everywhere.

I had no clue it was that easy!! I do remember someone telling me that if you put olive oil in the water that will stop it as well, but this spoon thing is a keeper in my kitchen hack folder.

Do you have any other kitchen hacks that you might want to share with a kitchen mess like me? Text me anytime through the Wolf app.

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