At a recent Capitol news conference Arthur House, the state of Connecticut's chief cybersecurity risk officer said:

I’m often asked in my job are we safe from cyberattack? And the answer, of course, is no...  We’re not safe. Nobody’s safe. No federal agency, no state agency, no city, no business, no individual can take safety as an assumption. We’re all threatened all the time.

He was speaking about possible breaches utility companies, and their customers could incur according to the Hartford Courant, and Connecticut utility companies have fended off many attempted cyber attacks in the past year sources say. Many of the attempted hacks have come from China, Iran, North Korea, Russia and Turkey.

Arthur House added that since the federal government is "doing little" to thwart these attacks, states must step up their security, and he said that Connecticut is doing just that right now. Improvements are needed and they're coming to the state soon.

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