Here we are again, it's Feline Friday! Once again, I am ready to help you start the weekend the right way, with a cat video.

We all know that cats make people smile except, Theresa, our Office Manager, but we're working on her. Anyway, let's do this. After a short week and being messed up every day because Monday was a holiday, it really is time to put that all aside and enjoy a film of feline finesse and fantasticness.

I received a video from my friend, Susanne Tiger (now is that a great name for a crazy cat lady or what?). I have often told her that I am so jealous of her last name. She has since made me an honorary "Tiger"! I hope you enjoy this adorable video. Let's make this a Happy Feline Friday and keep that going through our Happy Weekend which includes a Happy Caturday and all the way through to a Meowy Monday.


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