If you're like me, you love dogs, but it was always pretty hard to actually tell how old your pooch is. Now, there's a new equation that shows how to calculate his or her age in human years.

You love your dog, but for years, there's never been a really accurate way to tell how old your dog is in human years, well that's all about to change.

Remember the old method of trying to tell how old your dog is? It was always one year in dog years equals seven human years. Well, that wasn't really correct.

According to nbcconnecticut.com, researchers studying Dogs DNA came up with this conclusion, that dogs age very quickly during their first five years, then the aging process slows down as the dog gets older. For example, a five year old dog would be close to 60 in human years.

Trey Ideker, a professor of genetics at the University of California, told NBC News:

Puppies age super quickly, by the time a dog is a year old, at a molecular level, he’s much more like a 30-year-old human. Retrospectively, we did know these things. It didn’t make any sense that the equivalent to a 7-year-old human would be able to have puppies.

To come up with this new formula, the team studied 104 Labrador Retrievers of different age ranges and came up with this equation that you can figure out just by using the natural logarithm or "In" button on your iPhone's calculator.

First, type in the dogs age, then hit the 'in' button, multiply the result by 16, then add 31, and you'll have the dogs age based on human years.

If you pull it off and get it right, here's how your dogs age should shake down:

  • a one year old dog is like a 31 year old human
  • a three year old dog would be equivalent to a 49 year old person
  • a seven year old dog would be like a 62 year old human

I just did it for my two senior dogs that are 10 and 11, and found out that their 67 and 69 in human years. Just remember to flip your iPhone to landscape orientation.

Keep in mind, the experts think there may be some variation based on different breeds, but for the most part, this new formula should follow a similar pattern and finally reveal your dogs actual human age..

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