Did you know that 65% of Americans would support bacon as the National Food?

Were you aware that bacon is so incredibly popular that if it ran for President in 2020, it would win by a landslide? Not only is bacon the favorite companion to a couple of eggs-over-easy but according to spoonuniversity.com, bacon continues to be reinvented by mixing and matching it together with many of our all-time favorite foods. With some help from the website, onlyinyourstate.com., I give you The Connecticut Bacon Trail!

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    Nodine's Restaurant/Smokehouse - Canton

    The logical place to lead off the Connecticut Bacon Trail is at Nodine's Smokehouse located at 192 Albany Tpk. in Canton. Since 1969, Nodine's entire business has been all about smoked meats, poultry, fish, and cheese.

    This IS your grandfather's bacon! Smoked and aged with recipes from bacon days gone past, this bacon comes in several different varieties and flavors.

    If you claim to be the worlds biggest bacon fan, you owe it to yourself to branch out and try some of Nodine's concoctions like their apple smoked, maple, sliced Irish back bacon, peppered bacon, etc. Click this link for the complete bacon menu.

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    Cure Restaurant - Unionville

    From Nodine's we're going to hop back on Route 4 heading south to Unionville and a restaurant called, Cure at 55 Mill St. The first item on the menu that caught my eye was Beer and Bacon Flights! OMG, I must be in heaven! Click here for Cure's menu selections. A couple of other items from their menu that caught my eye were, Crisp Pork Belly, Crispy Pork Shanks, and the Cure Burger with bacon-onion jam. I'll leave you with three words, Lobster Grilled Cheese.


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    Max Burger - West Hartford

    Let's jump back onto Route 4 south and then head north to West Hartford to Max Burgers at 124 LaSalle Road. If you're a bacon lover who from time to time enjoys mixing your bacon with the succulent sweet taste of chocolate, you've come to the right place. While I was reading over the menu I immediately saw Candied Bacon "Lollipops" made with apple cider glaze. I'll take four orders, please.


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    Bar - New Haven

    It's time to head south on I-91 to the city of New Haven and a restaurant called Bar at 254 Crown St. which is legendary for their white bacon pizza. Here's how you place an order for this mouthwatering pizza. Ask for a white base pie and then add mozzarella, garlic, mashed potatoes, and bacon. This white bacon pizza pie is to die for! Prepare yourself for a full-blown food orgasm! Check out their pizza menu at barnightclub.com.

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    The Chocolate Shell - Old Lyme

    The next stop as we head east on Interstate 95 is The Chocolate Shell located at 16B Lyme Street in Old Lyme. We're talking anything that's made with chocolate for any occasion can be found right here. Sample their chocolate menu at thechocolateshell.com.

    So where's the bacon? It's not listed on their website or FB page but I've heard from a reliable source that they carry a Baconluxious Candy Bar which combines bacon, sea salt, maple, and chocolate into one exquisite candy bar.

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    Flander's Donut, Bagel, and Bake Shop - East Lyme

    It's only fitting that our last stop on Connecticut's Bacon Trail is our dessert stop at Flander's Donut, Bagel, and Bake Shop at 327 Flander's Rd. in East Lyme. A huge thanks to the website onlyinyourstate.com for discovering that Flanders offers a sweet doughy maple glazed donut with a generous sprinkling of bacon on top! Thanks, Flanders for a perfect finale to our Connecticut Bacon Trail.

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