I hope you're out enjoying the first 70 degree day of April 2024 that we've had, after a long day of eclipse watching, would you like to wash away your corneal scarring with a lobster roll? In the next couple of weeks, it will be a little easier to do that in Connecticut.

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It's been a cold start to Spring 2024 here, and only a few of the seasonal ice cream shops and roadside hot dog stands and clam shacks have opened up around the state. Denmo's in Southbury and Frankie's in Waterbury are back up and rolling out their famous hot dogs, and Rich Farm has started scooping out their decadent ice cream at all of their locations. What's still closed? Who's going to open over the next few weeks? Some of the undisputed giants of Connecticut seasonal restaurants.

The Seasonal Restaurants Opening in April-May in Connecticut

We're finally getting a taste of the 70 degree weather today, and this will kick-start the seasonal giants of Connecticut's hot dog and lobster shacks into the 2024 season. A few have opened, but here are the legendary names opening up for business in April and May 2024 around Connecticut

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