Mwahahahahahaha! It has been a scary, scary week here at the radio station. Well, ok, not really. It has actually been a festive week. We all dressed as crayons in a show of solidarity and thinking outside of the crayon box.

I was a B'dazzled Blue crayon and my co-workers were a variety of amazing colors like, Black, White, Orange, (yeah, I know, COME ON PEOPLE!) Galactic Green even Shamrock Green (there we go!).

Therefore, this weeks installment of our Happy Feline Friday, without a dark shadow of a doubt, had to feature a black cat. Guess what? I found one!

I have to tell you that if I watch a video and it is obvious that the animal is being harmed or scared for the delight of a human, that video will never make it to a Feline Friday blog. As I watched this kitty, I could tell that he was having fun stalking his prey. Meow! Happy Feline Friday! Happy Halloween Week!

Meet Simba, a Hurricane Refugee Brought to New Milford:

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