Back in early January, we were all shocked when Five Guys closed their doors on Federal Road in Brookfield with little or no explanation. Today, we're back to tell you that the rumors were true, and Five Guys is coming back.


When we first learned of Five Guys closing, everyone was wondering why, and asking if Five Guys would return to the area. People took to social media visibly upset that the restaurant had closed.


We even reached out to the folks who were operating the Five Guys in Brookfield and got this response:

Then, we stopped at the old location to find things cleaned out and the building locked up.

Today, we're back to tell you the rumors were true. After our initial story we received tons of comments, and apparently news of Five Guys relocation traveled quickly.

Yes, they are moving next to Kohl's, directly across the street from their previous location. The new building is still under construction, but you can see by the new signs that it's only a matter of time before you can once again sink your teeth into Five Guys Burgers and Fries.

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