Two years ago, we launched a full-scale investigation into Dudleytown, and I actually became obsessed.

Almost everything you hear about the deserted town in Cornwall, CT sounds way too bizarre to have any truth surrounding it. In fact, there is not one legitimate website that I could link you to for any actual facts.

It's sometimes called, "The Village of the Damned," but the fact is, it never was a town to begin with. It was a portion of Cornwall occupied by a family named Dudley.

The story goes that the town was settled in the 1740s by a man named Thomas Griffis, and he was followed by Gideon Dudley. Many of the Dudley clan would follow.

According to legend, the founders of Dudleytown were the descendants of Edmund Dudley, who was beheaded for treason back in England during the reign of Henry the VIII, and from then on, the family has said to be cursed. Several residents of Dudleytown were said to have gone insane, with several committing suicide. There were murders as well.  Hikers have reported seeing orbs, and have gone on record saying there is little to no wildlife in the area.

When I researched this a few years ago, I learned that the land is now privately owned by the Dark Entry Forest Association, but I hit a brick wall trying to find any record of that association actually existing. I even called the Town of Cornwall to see if I could get tax records, but they hung up on me. I mean, if someone owns private land, shouldn't there at least be property taxes paid? Shouldn't there be paperwork indicating this association exists?

No one is allowed on the grounds of Dudleytown, which are supposedly monitored around the clock by police officers who are set up at the only two entry points.

Residents of Cornwall who live on the edges of Dudleytown frequently call the police on anyone who approaches the area. That is what drives me absolutely mad! Insisting that I can't enter makes me want to get there even more. Below are some videos I dug up that hopefully have some answers.

What do you think? Is Dudleytown the real deal or simply folklore?





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