Do you love being stunned by unexpected beauty when you walk into a place of business? Yeah, me too.

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When a business owner takes the time to beat the living hell out of your senses, I respect it. Have you ever been to a sit-down restaurant with a legit Hogwarts Alley? An underwater-themed bowling alley? Life-sized Dinosaurs and Rockets? A 10,000 pound glass sculpture? Connecticut businesses do.

Here's a list of local businesses that will awe you as you walk inside.

The Most Visually Stunning Places of Business In Connecticut

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Hop Along On The Connecticut Salad Bar Trail

Connecticut restaurants are always championed for their pizza, seafood, hamburgers, and hotdogs, but I want a great salad for my entree more often than not lately. If you're sick of the meat sweats, here are some of my favorite places around Connecticut to get a great salad, or graze along a beautiful salad bar.

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