It’s been a little hotter in Norwalk Connecticut since David Wanke has been making and marketing his hot sauce there. David's award-winning Wanke’s Yankee Hot Sauce recipe is made and bottled  at a local deli after hours.

His handmade sauce, crafted with no other kitchen help, won a coveted award at the Cajun Hot Sauce Festival in Louisiana. In an interview with Westchester News 12 Wanke said:

I need a licensed, inspected kitchen, and since it's here and they close early, it's available at night…he's given me a key, and I make sure he's got hot sauce for his customers, and I can come in and make sauce.

It all started as a hobby for him, and now he’s burgeoning a brand from his love of chili peppers. Norwalk’s best hot sauce would be an awesome addition to you next BBQ.

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