After sharing how I experience mini anxiety attacks every week when I have to cross the Mid-Hudson Bridge from Poughkeepsie to Highland, I was shocked by the amount of fellow Hudson Valley drivers that also have a bridge they hate driving across.

After seeing the number of text messages and social media comments that we got after I wrote about my issues, we thought we should follow up and give every bridge in our area the unfortunate chance to be named the "worst bridge to drive across in the Hudson Valley". Before we get to the nominees, we chose from the main bridges that most of us use the most to cross the Hudson River.

Worst Bridge to Drive Across in the Hudson Valley Nominees

Bear Mountain Bridge
Kingston-Rhinecliff Brdige
Newburgh-Beacon Bridge
Mid-Hudson Bridge
Rip Van Winkle Bridge

We opened the voting on-air, online, and through text messages and gave commuters 24 hours to vote. We asked everyone that voted to try and include the reasons why they picked the bridge they were voting for. Is it the traffic? Construction? Does the bridge have the worst drivers in the Hudson Valley?

After tallying up all the votes, we have officially crowned a winner, but before you scroll down to see the list and the number one bridge please remember that we are fans of the New York Bridge Authority and think that they do a great job at what they do. We as fellow Hudson Valley drivers just needed to get "our" bridge frustration off our here we go starting from number five to number one.....

Worst Hudson Valley Bridges to Drive Across

The five main Hudson river crossings ranked from worst to first with commuter comments.

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